In media buying circles, the big buzz is Energizer. It started with a desktop search for Energizer batteries on that resulted in an ad for Amazon’s own Basics brand batteries so massive that people had to scroll to get to the Energizer product they’d searched for. Then, the battle shifted to mobile: Amazon is putting in a small lightbox ad that literally overshadowed the Energizer battery brand.

For brand purists, this is akin to a store replacing big name brands on shelves with their own private-label brands. The tactic was something that was teased late last year, with a few tests in which Amazon’s private-label products appeared within listings of competitive brands. Now, it’s everywhere: A listing for Bounty paper towels has an ad for Amazon’s in-house paper brand, Presto. A search for anti-allergy name-brand medications includes giant ads for Amazon Basics’ Care brand medications.

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