Reese’s responds to “turd” shaped chocolate trees with #AllTreesAreBeautiful

Put an end to tree shaming, Reese’s says.

The Hershey’s-owned peanut butter candy maker is responding to social media outrage that started last month over the shape of its tree-shaped candies. People complained on Twitter, saying the treats resembled oddly shaped blobs, or in some instances, “turds.”

Reese’s responded with the #AllTreesAreBeautiful hashtag defending the trees, which to our ears sounds a little too much like #AllLivesMatter, which is slightly problematic for its own set of reasons. Still, in all likelihood, the weird shape of the candies has little impact on their taste. Hershey’s didn’t immediately respond for comment. 

On Twitter, Reese’s tweeted this jokey pictures:

Reese’s appears to have won back skeptical snackers, with someone tweeting that the brand is “killing it.” 

Update: “We recognize that all of our trees are not exactly alike, just like real Christmas trees,” a spokesman for Hershey’s told Digiday. “We also know the people love Reese’s and we were excited for the chance to interact with our consumers.”

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