Pringles Doesn’t Have a Mobile Strategy

It’s yet again the year of mobile. But many brands still clearly haven’t figured out the channel, even though they realize its looming importance.

Take Pringles. The Procter & Gamble brand is a major ad spender, yet it doesn’t right now have a mobile strategy set, according to Sam Minardi, North American brand manager at Pringles. Minardi spoke to Digiday about its use of mobile, social and other digital media.

Does Pringles have a mobile strategy?
Currently, we do not. It is something we are looking at to engage fans and bring another touchpoint to consumers.

Can you talk about how Pringles is using social media in a unique way?
Pringles is using social media as a way to engage fans in the fun aspect of the brand. Facebook is the primary vehicle that we leverage in social media, and we have more than 18.5 million fans there. On Facebook, we try to bring fans experiences that show the flavor and fun of Pringles.

How is Pringles using online video?
I think with everything we do, we look for tools we can use to create a good experience for consumers. So whether it’s through music or video, everything we do, is tied back to giving consumers experiences that show the flavor and fun of Pringles.This is always the primary goal. We use video because we are focused on bringing to life fun Pringles experiences.

How is Pringles’ current “Tournament of Flavors” campaign unique?
Let me start by giving you the background of the contest. We’ve got about 16 amateur videos that we are asking Facebook fans to watch and then vote for their favorite. The videos are all themed to bring to life the flavors of Pringles. Fans that vote for their favorite videos can win prizes. The point is to make fans a part of the program through Facebook. It’s just something to give people to laugh about.

What’s next for the brand?
We will continue to invest into our social media strategy and building the Pringles fan base. We are less focused on hard metrics and more focused on unique experiences that are fun and engaging.

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