Pokemon Go: Brand winners and losers

With Pokémon fever from the ‘90s gripping everyone once again, Nintendo is clearly the biggest winner of the launch of the mobile app game Pokémon Go.

But as people take the streets in pursuit of Pikachu and Charmander, brands haven’t been too far behind either. Everyone from the Seattle Seahawks to Benefit Cosmetics are out in full force, hoping to take advantage of all the Pokémon hoopla with tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos.

We took a look at all the off-screen action using Unmetric’s Discover platform to see which brand posts touched a chord, and which fizzled out. In terms of volume, tech, retail, travel and restaurant brands have been pushing out the most content on social, but the ones garnering the most engagement are sports teams. Well, we suppose chasing Pokémon comes quite close to playing football.

Facebook winners


Since it’s not cold and dreary and the season of chapped lips, smooth lips are perhaps easier to catch than Pokémon. This smart post by Eos was a runaway hit on Facebook, with over 27,000 likes, 2,400 comments and 4,400 shares.


Considering the game can likely lead to pitfalls, it’s not surprising that this PSA by Portland’s mass transit agency resonated. The post got over 5,100 likes, 677 comments and 3,300 shares.

Washington Capitals

With red being the color of both the Washington Capitals as well as Team Valor on the game, this post made waves among the team’s fans with over 5,000 likes, 349 comments and 1,00 shares.

Facebook losers


Your audience wants you to stick to helping them make the move, and not catch Pokémon, U-Haul. This post by the company got a measly 16 reactions and three shares.

Saatva Mattress

Cute, but even with Snorlax, sleep is probably the last thing on crazed Pokémon fans’ minds. This post got only 12 likes.

Twitter winners


Chipotle might still be reeling from a series of challenges, but its tweeting game is on point. This tweet by the fast food chain got 970 retweets, more than 2,100 likes and 48 replies.

Philadelphia 76ers

This GIF by the basketball team seems to capture the collective frustration of all those not hooked onto the game and their mobile phones. No wonder then, that it garnered over 961 retweets,1,100 likes and 23 replies.

Twitter losers


Even a five year-old could tell you that potty humor and Pokémania do not go well together. A shitty move will only get you a handful of likes, Poo~Pourri.

Jolly Rancher

Pretty sure people don’t mind the “accidental exercise,” Jolly Rancher. Which is why you only got 11 retweets.

Instagram winners

Barstool Sports

Leave it to #PokemonGo To Help Solve Race Relations In America (via @ike_dodge)

A photo posted by Barstool Sports (@barstool_sports) on

The game may not always lead to good things — robberies and dead bodies anyone? But it can apparently play a part in mending race relations. This post got nearly 60,000 likes on Instagram.

Benefit Cosmetics

Turns out, benebabes are as interested in catching Pokémon as they are in Benefit’s beauty products. This Instagram post touting the brand’s new brow range got nearly 48,000 likes.

Instagram losers


Gotta snack ’em all! #PopchipsGO #pokemonGO

A photo posted by popchips (@popchips) on

It’s not about about chips, it’s about fluffy little monsters. No wonder Popchips got a little over 70 likes for this effort.

Pert Plus

#2in1 and done so you can #PokemonGo back out there and catch ‘em all.

A photo posted by Pert Plus (@pert_plus) on

Ditto. Your men’s shampoo may be two-in-one, but Pokémon isn’t.


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