Philips and Swiss Lips Want You to Play DJ

Electro-pop band Swiss Lips’ latest music video lets you play along with the song — literally.

Philips — with the help of its agency Ogilvy & Mather London — has teamed up with Swiss Lips to create a new kind of interactive music video/video game for the band’s song “Carolyn.” The retro video game lets players create unique remixes of the song while playing a late 80s style 16-bit graphic car chase computer game.

“Essentially you get to be a DJ and a music video director while playing a video game,” explained AJ Coyne, account manager at Ogilvy London. According to Coyne, the synth-heavy 80’s vibe of the song “Carolyn” inspired the “classic, old-school driving game.”

This music video game is part of Philips’ “You Need to Hear This” campaign, which aims to connect a younger, music-loving audience with the electronics brand. Other elements of this larger campaign include a partnership with Noisey, Vice Magazine’s music channel, to create a special “You Need to Hear This content hub featuring music-related content, like short films, interviews with up-and-coming artists and special playlists. In July, Philips also created special music-playing pub tables for various pubs across the U.K. as part of the campaign.

The premise of the game is that you have to steal Carolyn, the apple of your eye, away from rap artist Flame Gang. As you drive and use your keyboard arrows to control the car. The way you play the game affects the track, so every turn you take and items you hit on the road change the sounds of your remix and the outcome of your music video. There are 7 different audio worlds to explore each with audio power-ups (like guitars and drums) and weapons to shoot at the Flame Gang van, which also create sounds in the remix.

“Every sound you hear in the game was created by Swiss Lips specifically for the experience,” explained Coyne. “There are multiple endings and thousands of potential remixes, so the more you play the better your music video.”

Once you are done playing you can save and share your unique “Carolyn” remix and music video. Play for yourself and enjoy your custom Swiss Lips remix.


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