Now you can rent a ‘Netflix and Chill’ themed room on Airbnb

“Netflix and Chill” has gone from an Internet meme to a real-life money making experience.

A posting on Airbnb popped up yesterday advertising a 1-bedroom apartment in Manhattan decked out in Netflix-themed bedspread, an HD projector connected to the streaming service and a full bar available to rent for $400 a night, or roughly the price of 40 months worth of subscriptions.

The listing was created by New York-based artist and former agency creative Tom Galle and his friends from the art collective Art404. Galle has a history of transferring Internet culture into the real world, like building an app that finds people’s saddest tweets.

Galle, 31, told Digiday that the “Netflix and Chill” room is itself is private, but the listing notes that there are Art404 members living above it.

go rent it it’s really cute link in bio

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Netflix was not involved with the scheme and declined to comment, maintaining its relative distance from the somewhat risqué marketing meme.

But Galle said a friend of his who works at Netflix said the reaction from the company was generally positive. The only quibble was about the old logo being used on the bedspread, instead of its new one. “They didn’t reach out directly to us though,” he said. “But at least we’re on their radar.”

So far, it’s only received one booking in February, but he plans to keep the listing active for a few months.

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