News of the week in under a minute: Stephen Colbert, Apple and eBay’s b-day

Here’s our recap of the buzziest news of the week in under a minute, so you have something to say at happy hour tonight.

Stephen Colbert is back! The debut of the new “Late Show” generated more than 108,000 real-time tweets. Of his guests, Jeb Bush made the biggest second screen impression. Meanwhile, eBay turned 20 this week. In celebration, the online auction house is offering customers 20 days of deals with exclusive discounts. Please, eBay take all of our money. Take it straight from our phones! Android Pay launched this week, joining the list of other mobile wallets, like Samsung and Apple — which held its own much anticipated keynote this week. What we wanted from them was three-way FaceTime and better quality charging cables. What we got? A Pencil. Speaking of apples, it’s New York Fashion Week. Again. Even Pornhub has a pop-up shop. But if you’re not in the city, you can still easily follow along on any social media platform: Twitter is even rolling out custom emojis. Of course they are.

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