Netflix recreates the video rental store experience in VR

In a dash of irony, Netflix, which arguably wiped Blockbuster off the face of the Earth, is coming full circle and recreating the video rental experience in virtual reality.

Introducing “Netflix Zone,” a virtual imitation of a Blockbuster-like video rental store, but instead of browsing through a ratty old selection, current movies and Netflix shows are available to instantly stream instead. The user simply has to pick the item up in VR and throw it at the wall.

The demonstration was produced as part of the company’s frequent Hack Days, where its employees hack together solutions and gimmicks, some of which go viral, such as the Netflix and Chill button.

While triggering a millennial’s thirst for nostalgia is in vogue, it’s unlikely the idea will be released publicly. “As always, while we think these hacks are very cool and fun, they may never become part of the Netflix product, internal infrastructure, or otherwise be used beyond Hack Day. We are posting them here publicly to simply share the spirit of the event and our culture of innovation,” Netflix said.

What’s next, Netflix, a linear cable channel?
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