Mountain Dew pours one out for Twitter’s new autoplay feature

Twitter announced earlier today that native videos, GIFs and Vines will now autoplay within people’s timelines making it harder for people to ignore them.

The move mimics how video is already treated by Facebook and Instagram, meaning publishers and brands better get moving on their muted video strategies. Naturally, it wasn’t long until the first brand started playing with it — and with a pretty creative execution.

That honor went to the hyperactive kids at Mountain Dew, which sent out five threaded tweets each containing a GIF of the Baja Blast pouring out from the sky.

The flow appears out of chronological order on @MountainDew’s page on Twitter, so here’s what it’s supposed to look like in a threaded stream (weirdly, Twitter embeds don’t autoplay; you’ll need to hit play for each for the effect):

Mountain Dew is an early adopter in experimenting with these new formats. Earlier this year, it created a choose-your-own-adventure on Snapchat to promote its new line of breakfast drinks and fooled around with Periscope when it first launched.

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