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Making Marketing is making some changes. Starting with our very next episode, we’ll be the Modern Retail Podcast, bringing you conversations with people innovating in retail, including the oh-so-buzzy world of DTC.

But before that, this episode rounds up a few highlights from Making Marketing’s interviews in the past year:

Kevin Lavelle, the founder of menswear brand Mizzen and Main
“I’ve spoken with a couple VC firms. We had positive feedback, but one VC said she couldn’t see how we could [make] 10 times our revenue over the next 12-18 months, so they’re not interested. And it stuck with me. She was absolutely right.”

Rachel Drori, founder of the subscription frozen food company Daily Harvest
“I have such issues with what I call the cycle of torching cash. What’s happening is that there’s so much VC money out there — anybody can raise — and then they can throw money at their problems.”

Joe Kudla, founder of athleisure brand Vuori
“If you go straight to the VC community pre-revenue, they’re going to dictate terms often terms. You don’t want a VC running your business.”

Jed Berger, CMO at Foot Locker
“I think that it’s an interesting time, and in many companies, there needs to be a redefinition of the role of the CMO, or marketing within the organization, or how it reports, or what its accountabilities are. The marketing industry is in for an evolution.”

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