Lululemon mocks Beyoncé, gets promptly dragged by the BeyHive

Lululemon’s social media manager is probably sweating in her athleisure pants right now.

beyonce tweet
A screenshot of the deleted tweet.

Beyoncé unveiled Ivy Park earlier today, her take on stretchy athletic clothes, which will be sold at Nordstrom and TopShop next month, in an Elle spread. Even without a full reveal of what Ivy Park will include in its line, the announcement is enough to make Lululemon feel threatened.

“Is ivy park supposed to be like lululemon?,” someone on Twitter asked, leading Lululemon to respond with a now deleted tweet: “They do say imitation is the best form of flattery. Maybe Beyonce is so Crazy In Love with our brand, she made her own.”

Oh dear God, no.

Bey’s notoriously loyal legion of fans, a.k.a. the BeyHive, almost instantly swarmed Lululemon with a collective stink-eye for implying that Beyoncé could ever possibly be a copycat.

First it started with a few warnings:

Then it escalated to GIFs and major draggage:

And so on…

Lululemon deleted the tweet after an hour, quickly commencing on an apology tour:

“We’ll own that. We’re huge fans of hers and never meant any harm,” another tweet read at any annoyed BeyHive member.

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