Justify yourself: We ask bloggers why they’re valuable to brands

First Vogue called out bloggers for heralding the death of style. Then, Neiman Marcus piled on, blaming bloggers for changing customer expectations and creating fatigue — before clothes even hit shelves.

Other brands, however, are adapting how they work with influencers. Proenza Schouler and Tanya Taylor, for example, both only give bloggers clothing that is available in stores, not from collections that haven’t been shipped. And a new study of 1,000 customers by Pysche this week found that 82 percent of people think fashion blogs are going to become more influential than fashion magazines in the future. A third (35 percent) of people said they read blogs over magazines because it felt more “accessible.” 

The blogger-brand-media relationship is evolving. Glossy convened a group of fashion bloggers to share their thoughts on this controversy. Read the rest of this story on Glossy.co.

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