Judging brands’ #WorldEmojiDay tweets … with emojis

It’s #WorldEmojiDay and in case you were worried that brands didn’t notice, fear not: they have.

Today’s international holiday is in celebration of the calendar emoji on Apple iOS, which displays July 17 — hey, that’s today!

Topsy measures 35,000 tweets with the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay, with most of them coming from brands. Just kidding, but scrolling through the hashtag on Twitter shows that companies’ social media teams are doing their best to be relatable. Brands are people too.

So we figured it would only be appropriate if we graded individual brand tweets with an emoji of our reaction:

Mountain Dew

A GIF and emojis? Look at them go for it. But it’s just too much. dizzy-emoji

Taco Bell

Is this emoji tearing up because he has to eat a Gordita Supreme? We’d be grossed out, too. weary-emoji

Bud Light

Hell yeah, beer brand! sunglass emoji

Whole Foods Market

Uh, mixing all these foods together sounds repulsive. mask emoji

Foot Locker

Way to ruin the sanctity of the holiday by hawking your app! rage emoji

Olive Garden

Imagine having a friend named “Betty Spaghetti.” smiley emoji


Chill. Nobody loves their bank. unamused emoji

Kay Jewelers

This heteronormativity is disheartening. disappointed emoji


Fridays, man. blush


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