#JonVoyage, RIP 301+, Time’s VR cover: What was in and what was out

Jon Stewart delivered his final moment of zen, capping off a week goodbyes.

This week, YouTube finally ditched its weird 301+ view count on viral videos in favor of an actually accurate number, much to the relief of creators looking to get off on their virality. Arby’s knocked out Whataburger for winning over Twitter by wedging itself into the ‘Daily Show.’ The biggest head-shaking moment came when Time revealed its derpy cover showing what little clue they have when it comes to picturing virtual reality. The biggest hip-shaking moment came when Lenny Kravitz had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on stage. Finally, it wasn’t just you: it really did feel like everyone was out of the office this week. Here’s a look of what’s in and what’s out for the week ending of August 7.


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