Introducing WTF Digital Marketing

We’ve all been through it. The terrible ad experience that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. And now we are compiling these digital marketing mishaps all in one place.

From bad ad placement to pointless video ads and ads that don’t load, brands and advertisers don’t always get their digital marketing efforts right. We encourage you to send in submissions. The worst digital media and marketing examples sent in will be published. Email me at the address below with the creative, and tell me where you saw this and why you feel it’s a miss.

Here are some of our first posts.

Online display ad for Google+

“When you have a little brand awareness, why not take it out for a spin?” — Jeff Reckseidler, senior digital strategist at Grey Group.

The Goldman Sachs Twitter presence, or lack thereof.

Asking consumers to text a keyword to a short code, when they are riding the subway. Genius!

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