Inside the world of streetwear resellers

Racks Hogan pulls his blue and silver colored grills out of his mouth. “Everybody got gold so I wanted blue and silver,” he said as he finished up a shopping trip in New York’s SoHo neighborhood.

A metallic purple Supreme hat sits backwards atop Hogan’s blonde dreads which are themselves adorned with pendants that are gold. Covered in tattoos, wearing ripped jeans and Asics camouflage sneakers, the Ohio-native oozes streetwear style.

Hogan is the musician, stylist and a streetwear influencer behind the “Stylish Stoner,” an Instagram feed with 41,500 followers. The 30-year-old is a prominent figure in a growing group of resellers who can be found lining up outside street and skatewear stores for days, waiting to get exclusive and often limited amounts of items to then resell on Instagram and eBay. His full time job is reselling clothing and shoes from brands like Supreme, KITH, Nike, and Bape among others, to clients which include celebrities. He doubles the item’s price and makes enough money to live on. To read the rest of the story, visit
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