Head-Scratching Brand Tweets

Brands have rushed into social media. The problem is they often don’t know what to say. That can lead to some seriously awkward moments that make you want to say, “Maybe it’s time to stop talking for a bit, champ.” Here are some of the latest oddities we’ve found. Please email me at the address below with your nominations.

Pressing issue, to be sure. I’m just not sure it’s one that followers of the conglomerate’s heating and cooling division expect. Also: ease up on the hashtaggery, please.

Oh dear. Typos happen, and social media isn’t exactly a grammarian’s paradise, but you’d think a top brand would do a bit better on this front.

Points for humanizing the brand. But whaaat? Sometimes bizarre non sequiturs are called for, and other times they’re not. This is probably the latter.

This looks like the set from the stereotypical car commercial. What it’s lacking is any sort of context or clue to what it’s about.


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