Grey Goose’s Shot at Pinterest and Instagram

Visual thinkers, rejoice. Grey Goose is zeroing in on you in Instagram and Pinterest.

A new Grey Goose campaign, created by R/GA Chicago, has launched using Instagram and Pinterest. This is the first time that a spirits brand is using these newer platforms. The effort is a complement to a television spot that Grey Goose has rolled out as well as online video advertising.

The aim of the effort is to increase awareness for the new Grey Goose Cherry Noir vodka. The campaign is centered around the fictitious Hotel Noir. Grey Goose announces a new themed Hotel Noir story “chapter” each week, inspired by the themes and events in the Hotel Noir video. Grey Goose commissioned a group of photographers to capture photos that fit each chapter’s theme. Each photographer’s photo story will be featured on the Grey Goose website and Instagram as it unfolds. Users are encouraged to create their own #hotelnoir stories on Instagram or Twitter. Chapter one is a welcome to Hotel Noir. Pictures chosen for this particular chapter are all about setting the the scene as relaxing, luxurious, basically the good life.

Both Instagram and Pinterest gives Grey Goose the opportunity to get in front of a younger demographic of 21-plus drinkers.

“We see opportunities to use these platforms in new and exciting ways –not just to deliver singular pieces of content, but to use these channels as deliverers of episodic content not unlike how books and television traditionally do,” said said Chris Hayes, creative director at R/GA Chicago.

Hayes also said that as an early adopter to the platforms, it’s an opportunity to communicate without the clutter and noise from other brands, like we see on other platforms.

Each weekly chapter is accompanied by a Pinterest board, which will expand on the narrative, using imagery to get Pinterest users pinning. Primary key performance indicators for this effort include metrics such as likes and comments for the #HotelNoir photo stories and overall traffic to the site, with the main focus being on Instagram.

All of the content is featured on the Grey Goose website, where visitors are also exposed to a new Cherry Noir cocktail each week. In addition to Grey Goose’s Instagram and Pinterest properties, the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages highlight the weekly content. Online media includes partnerships with Vibe, Vevo, Noisey, Facebook and others. A partnership with Complex Media serves up weekly editorial content corresponding to each chapter.

“We wanted to capture and share different expressions of fashion, music and mystery from several creative sources and allow our audience to experience Hotel Noir from these different points of view,” said Michelle Roberts, an account supervisor at R/GA Chicago. “Some narratives are loose while others will eventually create a complete story. And some, like our chapter boards on Pinterest, are pure artistic visual candy.”

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