Google Plus Growth Slows for Brands

Three out of four brands now have a presence on Google Plus, according to research by SocialShare, a company that tracks social adoption and trends. Furthermore, more than 100 brands have joined Google Plus in the last two months. Notable brands include Visa, Wells Fargo and Hermes.

The number of people following the top 100 brands rose 54 percent over the last two months, from 7.9 million to 12.2 million. This is much lower than the dizzying 1,400 percent growth between December 2011 and February 2012, and the 150 percent growth between February and May of this year. The top 10 brands have over 9.2 million followers accounting for 75 percent of the total followers on Google Plus, SocialShare reports.

“Brands are taking Google Plus more seriously than ever,” SocialShare says in the report. “However, the growth has certainly slowed since the initial momentum. While the number of brands on Google Plus is getting closer to that on Facebook and Twitter, there is still far lower engagement with users compared to Facebook and Twitter.”

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