The Google Autocomplete View of Agencies

Google was once famously called “the database of intentions” by entrepreneur John Battelle, who saw early how the sprawling search engine held the keys to understanding what the world is thinking. Google’s search results have been heralded for their ability to track flu outbreaks and predict the box office results of Hollywood blockbusters.

Digiday decided to see if it could also offer insights into the state of life at ad agencies. We played with Google’s autocomplete feature, which essentially predicts your thoughts based on what the world is searching for on those topics, to get a sense of what the hivemind wants to know about agencies. The results range from the profound to the mundane to the inane. Enjoy these screengrabs.

why agencies

why creative

why writers 2

why art directors

why designers

why developers

why account

why project

why ad buyers

what social media managers

why marketers
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