Gmail adds new ‘block’ button to eliminate annoying senders

Gmail is making it easier for users to rid their inboxes of annoying spammers, trolls and newsletters.

Today, Google announced that it’s adding a “Block” button that funnels annoying messages from specific email addresses into the user’s Spam folder, a feature that was once tucked away in its myriad of settings.

It will now be a two-click process that’s filed under the arrow button in the email body next to the reply button. The new feature, which was announced on Gmail’s blog, is gradually rolling out to Web and Android users.

Google created this GIF to help people find the button on the app:


Google also announced its expanding its one-click “Unsubscribe” button on commercial email lists to Android users. The button debuted last year to the nervousness of retailers who depend on mass newsletters to retain customers.

Digiday reached out to several email marketing managers about the new blocking feature, and the few that responded collectively shrugged at the news.

Photo via Google+.
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