Give us a break: Now Kit Kat is petitioning for its own emoji

If Durex can get people to use the condom emoji to promote safe (and sensual!) sex, than Kit Kat is hoping its candy bar emoji ignites the same attitude toward leisurely rests.

Kit Kat is the latest brand to petition the Unicode Consortium, a.k.a. emoji overlords, an icon of its chocolate-coated wafer biscuit onto people’s keyboards. Proving that it’s serious about this, it’s asking people to sign its petition to “show how the power of emoji can make your break better.”

The petition has reached its halfway mark of 500 signatures in just one day. (In contrast, Taco Bell’s campaign to get a taco emoji racked up 32,000 signatures last year.)

Like any good campaign, Kit Kat produced a slick video stating its case that a Kit Kat emoji would somehow make the world a relaxed place or something! Here it is:

So far, excitement has been negligible since #thebreakemoji hashtag has only been used 100 times, but Kit Kat still has time to drum up excitement over its proposal since the Unicode Consortium’s next meeting isn’t until January.

That leaves them with plenty of time for breaks.

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