George Lois on Donald Trump: ‘He’s anti-semitic. He’s a racist. He’s a thief.’

Legendary art director George Lois has worked on his share of political campaigns like Bobby Kennedy’s senate race and mayor Ed Koch’s re-election. Lois also designed several iconic political covers for Esquire. He’s even worked for Donald Trump, decades earlier before Trump entered the presidential race.

“I know him well. Believe me, I know him well,” said Lois whose agency Lois Pitts Gershon was tapped to create ads for Trump’s Atlantic City casinos during the 1980s. Lois worked for Trump for six months before dropping the contract.

“When we tried to get money out of him for what we did, he said, ‘We’ll give you 20 cents on the dollar.’ That’s a bad guy,” said Lois.

Watch to hear the full story and to find out if Lois would change Trump’s campaign message.
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