GE Is 3D Printing Gifts For Twitter Followers

Looking for the perfect present for your techie friends or a conversation starter at your office gift exchange? For its #3DPrintMyGift campaign on Twitter today, GE will print out one of its 3D  prototypes you can give to your loved ones (or keep for yourself, if you’re a Grinch).

For the rest of the day, people can tweet at @GeneralElectric from the #3DPrintMyGift tumblr page using an automated tweet form for the chance to win an celebrity- or “influencer”-designed 3D print from GE.

Hopeful Twitter participants can choose from products like a Spotify iPhone 5 Speaker, Al Roker weather-themed magnets, or a cat-shaped charm by Stacy London of “What Not To Wear.” They can then work with a CAD designer to tweak things like the color of the product or a printed personalized name on the design, depending on the prototype.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 12.46.48 PM

Winners’ actual printed product will then be displayed on, along with their Twitter handle.

“3D printing has had a great year in terms of visibility,” said Paul Marcum, the director of global digital marketing and programming for GE. “For us, it’s transformative in how we manufacture and it’s important for our customers to understand the flexibility the process provides.”

GE has had other successful “days” in the past celebrating invention and inviting its audience to participate. Last winter, for its “Inventor’s Day, ” GE asked its Twitter followers to tweet out their invention ideas, which then were drawn into blueprints in real-time. For “Pi Day” this past August, it sent out 314 pies to random tweeters that used the hashtag #PiDay.

Marcum added that the prints will be shipped out within several days, and that GE will print until it can print no more.

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