Fiat Does Mommy Rap

Catering to moms usually means annoying, made-up mother-related terms, like, momversation, mommyverse, momtrepreneur. You get the picture. But Fiat is avoiding any word splicing and melding in its latest momcentric (sorry) campaign.

In honor of the new Fiat 500Ls, the Italian car brand has released a funny U.K. spot called “The Motherhood,” which features a nice, blonde British mother rapping. As Adfreak points out, the video is basically a rip-off of Toyota’s “Swagger Wagon,” but it’s entertaining in it’s own right anyway. The video has already garnered just under 2 million views. Watch it for yourself below and see a nice British mom rap about the unglamorous, tough life of a mother, which involves things like faking orgasms, wearing a nursing bra like a bullet-proof vest, living in pajamas for extended periods of time and being accompanied by her two bitches (aka her two West Highland terriers).

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