Huge Global Creative Director’s 8 Favorite Apps

The mobile app ocean is pretty vast. There are so many mobile apps out there that you likely won’t come across even close to a quarter of them. That’s why we’re asking industry execs to share their favorite apps — either useful, entertaining, weird or all of the above — so that you can discover some new apps that might change your life. Or at the very least, you’ll find some new games to play.

Here are eight app picks from Conor Brady, global creative director at Huge. From managing workflow to tracking cycling miles, these are apps to help you be efficient, stay in shape and have some fun in between. You can follow Brady @cbrady.

Mailbox – I play an endless game to keep my email inbox at zero.

TripIt Pro – I travel so often, I can’t live without it. It has saved my ass so many times.

Outright – I use it for managing my expenses, which stops me from personally funding the company.

Strava – I’m an avid cyclist and use this app for documenting my rides and seeing how far behind my riding buddies I am.

Uber – This is the best app service out there. I can’t even imagine life before it came to be.

SOLAR – This is the most beautiful weather app around.

Snap Chop – For those moments when you get stuck and are bored in airport lounges.

NPR News – I love radio and always have these on in the background when I’m working.

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