Everybody already hates the Angry Birds movie

For whatever reason there’s an Angry Birds movie coming out.

In what should have been released on a #ThrowbackThursday, the trailer for the upcoming film featuring the flighty fighters was released today and it’s depressing reminder about what a dominant franchise it was once.

It’s actually difficult to figure out what’s going on in the two-minute trailer. We see there’s some birds that are angry and a nauseous-looking a pig. They’re enemies, just like in the video game! For what it’s worth, the film is loaded with talented “Saturday Night Live” alumni like Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader and Maya Rudolph.

Still interested? Here it is:

At its peak in 2012, its developer Rovio had 263 million active users, raking in hundreds of millions in sales because of Angry Birds’ runaway success. It spawned a myriad branded items that ranged from toys to clothing and car grilles that are selling on eBay for $300.

But what goes up, must come down. The Finnish company announced it’s laying off one-third of its workforce while it desperately searches for another jackpot, even though Angry Birds 2 is being met with middling success.

Three years ago, when Angry Birds announced its making a movie about itself, this would’ve been probably been met with excitement and elation. Now, as the snap judgements show, the trailer looks dated and not a little pathetic.

Here are some not-so-kind reviews:

The Guardian completed the dutiful task of analyzing it frame-by-frame, concluding with this:

The Angry Birds movie is literally just going to be about some birds who get angry sometimes. Hopefully clear flaws will all be addressed and ironed out by the time they make a film about your second-favourite iPhone app, Google Maps.

Wired UK was confused about the movie’s even-more-dated soundtrack choice of Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad:’

Most kids now probably think Angry Birds itself is ancient, and that was released six months after Michael Jackson died. Will the target audience even know who he is? Do kids want to be “bad” any more? Wouldn’t it at least make more sense to use the track for a Bad Piggies movie than an Angry Birds one?

This is how the Mary Sue titled its review:

“The Trailer for the Angry Birds Movie You Forgot Was Coming Is As Bad As You’d Expect.”

And Motherboard did not care for it one bit:

No. No. I can’t play it straight. Fuck it. I hate this. The animation is predictable. They hired celebrities to voice the characters, instead of actual voice actors (which have been getting namechecked out of jobs for years now). The script seems to be the usual “for kids, but edgy” thing we get now, but it’ll probably get the requisite number of laughs.

On Twitter, the same sentiments were echoed:

By now, you get the point: the trailer is angering people more than the titular birds themselves. The movie will be released May 2016, so you have plenty of time to ignore it.

Photo via YouTube/Screenshot. 


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