5 Best Advertising Week Tweets From Day Two

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Congrats. You’ve now made it through two days of Advertising Week. Stay strong. Here are some of our favorite tweets from Tuesday’s participants and players. No inspirational panel quotes allowed.

On AWX tweeting:
Carlos Riveroll, @CarlosRiveroll


On Kardashian mère at AWX:
Gabriel, @capri_rl


On one perk of leaving agency world:
Nathan Manou, @nathanmanou


On that perennial AWX hot topic, millennials:
Faith Latiffya, @FLutfiyya
Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 5.20.36 PM

On AWX chatter:
Robbie Whiting, @robbiew

On the Iranian president’s favorite online publication, maybe:
Fake Jeff Jarvis, @ProfJeffJarvis


Image via Wikimedia Commons

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