Disneyland Paris lets people channel their inner rat

The selfie wave refuses to die down- and agencies are riding it too, if BETC and Disney’s integrated multimedia campaign to promote the July 10 opening of Disneyland Paris’s latest attraction is any indicator.

“Rat Booth” is an app modeled on conventional photo booths and inspired by previous campaigns by Disneyland Paris agency BETC, such at the “Baby and Me” campaign for Evian, it goes a step ahead and uses an inbuilt facial scanner, allowing people to create their own moving, interactive digital rat avatar. Simply look into your device’s camera, and your mobile, ratty self appears in front of you in seconds. We suppose there is a rat lurking inside all of us.

“What was really important for us is the transformation in the app: that you see yourself and you become a rat. It’s the same experience as the attraction,” said Christophe Clapier, digital creative director at BETC.

Rat Booth 2It is not only interactive, but also personalized. You can customize your rat self’s sex, coat, build, eye color and even add rat-sized accessories like tiaras, necklaces, bowties and glasses. You can even pass on the fun, by creating and forwarding videos and selfies to your friends. It is taking OfficeMax’s iconic “Elf Yourself” campaign to an entirely different level.

A poster campaign, a mini-website, and a 30-second TV spot accompany the app, each depicting how the ride immerses you into Rémy’s rat-sized world.

The idea behind the attraction is that you are shrunk to the size of a rat, surrounded by life-sized buildings, fruits and vegetables, as you make your way through Parisian drains and Chef Gusteau’s kitchen. The campaign wanted to offer a sneak-peak into this world, but not take away from the actual ride.

“The attraction is an essential experience, and we can’t do that on the web or with built up things,” said Clapier. But we did want to embody “the spirit of Disney and want people to have fun.”

“We’ve got good feedback from users,” he said. “We made this application for families, and all comments are talking about how much their children are enjoying it.”



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