Disney Channel Targets Kids with Mobile Content

Disney Channel has completely redesigned its online offering to give its kid and tween audience a better experience when it comes to finding, sharing and engaging with their favorite Disney Channel shows. The new site is currently available for preview at http://www.disneychannel.com/beta. Recognizing the ongoing trend of growing mobile-content consumption within the kids/tween segment, Disney Channel has made the site available across mobile devices.

“Mobile is extremely important to our digital media strategy as we see kids today more and more have mobile devices in their hands to consume content,” said Lauren DeVillier, Disney Channel’s vice president of digital media. “With the new launch, our site is now streamlined and available across the devices kids target most.”

Entertainment brands like Disney Channel need to have a strong hold in the mobile space because consumers are becoming more and more dependent on their devices for snackable content. We’ve all witnessed a consumer in line at the grocery store whipping out a mobile device to make the time pass faster. As a brand, it is important to be available when consumers are looking for this snackable content.

There’s been some talk in the digital space about how brands are now acting like content publishers. This is especially true for Disney Channel because the company’s sole focus is providing entertaining content and experiences to consumers. For brands that are treading in the content space, mobile becomes even more important, as it serves as an additional distribution channel. It is just another way to delight and serve fans, on any platform they choose.

With the new DisneyChannel.com for both desktop and mobile, fans will be able to comment on and/or share any piece of content in a fun, kid-friendly atmosphere. In the coming weeks, the site will roll out a new tween lifestyle section, where kids can find informational tips and trends on style, technology, music and everything that is relevant in their lives, along with social media tools and more exclusive video.

“Our overall digital strategy is to be relevant to and in real time for our audience on the platforms they target most,” DeVillier said. “We see the influence social media has had on the industry. Our goal is to marry marketplace trends with age-appropriate opportunities to play games, interact on the site, and watch videos. We want to hear from our audience on a regular basis through polls and comments and general questions. We want our viewers’ voices to be heard in order to have a conversation with our fans.”

This is Disney Channel’s first foray into the mobile space. We’ll have to wait and see what other digital efforts the brand will have in store for fans in coming months.


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