Shortcuts to Brands on Social Platforms

Digital strategists spend a lot of time trying to find examples of brands doing different things on different platforms. Those strategy decks require them.

Luckily there are some useful resources that pull all of these examples into one place. Here are a few Web destinations that will save you some time and help you find what brands are up to on Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.

Brands on Vine: This site, run by U.K. ad guys including Kai Turner and Michael Litman, showcases the latest examples of brands using Vine. It’s easy to use and organized by categories like the latest on Vine, charity, sports, fashion, retail and music. Now that more and more brands are experimenting with Vine to create their own Twitter six-second spots, even if you aren’t a strategist, it’s a cool and useful site to check out. Brands on Vine also has a blog with short posts on the latest brand activity on Vine.


Brands on Pinterest: It’s not always easy to find the official Pinterest pages of brands. This Pinterest account features boards that organize brands on Pinterest by categories like beauty brands, automotive brands, fast-food brands, tech brands, media brands and more. There are 35 boards in total.


Brands on Tumblr: Tumblr is another place where it’s not always easy to find official brand pages. Tumblr took it upon itself to lend a helping hand and created this Tumblr directory page, which features a host of brands and links to their official Tumblr pages. There is a directory at the top of the site, which organizes the brands on Tumblr by categories like fashion, consumer goods, sports, entertainment, retail media and others. The Tumblog also includes Tumblr resources about how to get started on Tumblr, a glossary, and even an animated GIF tutorial. That’s pretty awesome and definitely helpful.


Instagram for Business Directory: Despite Statigram and Instagram creating Web profiles, it’s still hard to find verified brand accounts. Hidden away in Instagram’s help section for businesses on Instagram, there is a “Notable Users Directory,” which includes listings of official Instagram accounts of celebs, musicians and journalists along with brands in categories like fashion, food and drink, news, and sports. Surprisingly, automotive brands aren’t included as a category. While it is a pretty limited selection, it’s better than nothing.

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