DDB North America CEO Wendy Clark: ‘We’re better together’

Eleven months ago, Coca-Cola marketing exec Wendy Clark was brought on as president and CEO of DDB North America to breathe new life into the 66-year-old shop. Since day one, the brand marketing vet has focused on one thing in revitalizing the sleeping Madison Avenue giant: Retaining the talented, diverse people who create the campaigns that DDB has been known for since it opened its doors.

Talent retention is a top issue at many agencies, with lack of diversity, lack of mentorship and the rising costs of doing business all posing challenges. But onstage at the Digiday Agency Summit, Clark was adamant that improving how agencies approach people and leadership would go a long way in solving these issues. “The only way to do amazing, incredible work is to realize we’re better together.”

Listen to Wendy Clark at the Digiday Agency Summit in Phoenix, Arizona in the Digiday Live episode above. Get more insight into how agencies are adjusting to new ways of doing business by listening to more Digiday Live episodes below:

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