Digiday+ Research: How brands and agencies are investing in online marketing platforms

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Marketing is a dynamic industry — and brands and agencies are constantly adjusting their marketing spend to account for that. And a lot can change from one year to the next. To learn more about those changes, Digiday+ Research surveyed 195 brand and agency professionals earlier this year — and discovered these key findings:

  • Agencies and advertisers are spending the largest portion of their 2022 media budgets on Google. TV followed after Facebook and Instagram at No. 4, according to Digiday’s survey, which indicates that TV still carries significant weight with marketers.
  • But spending is down on Google, which accounts for 20% of brands’ marketing spend this year, compared with 27% last year.
  • Meanwhile, Amazon makes gains: Brands are spending 7.5% of their marketing budgets with Amazon this year, compared with 1.6% last year.
  • However, brands’ confidence in how Amazon contributes to their marketing success has fallen since last year.

Explore these findings and more data below:

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