‘Couldn’t be happier:’ Starbucks seasonal #RedCups triggers excitement online

Starbucks sent the country into a gingerbread latte-induced frenzy today by rolling out its iconic red cups.

Every year, as the holidays approach, the coffee giant tweaks the design on its wintry themed cups. The buzz this time around was palpable online. This new design, a sleek two-toned ombré, is meant to spark a feeling that is both “bright and exciting” it said in a statement.

Exciting, indeed!

There has been more than 40,000 tweets within the past day using the official hashtag #RedCups, according to Brandwatch, with the sentiment being 92 percent positive. In addition to purchasing a promoted hashtag, Starbucks sprung for a sponsored Twitter Moment titled “Red Cups Return” showing off the cups and a custom emoji for the hashtag.

Many of the tweets were from excited people who had perhaps had too much coffee already:

On Instagram, where Starbucks says last year there was a picture of the red cups uploaded every 14 seconds within the first two days of the campaign starting, the hashtags #RedCup and #RedCups tallied more 330,000 posts, mostly picture of people posing with the cups.

The reason why Starbucks Red Cups still ignite the same excitement year-after-year is two reasons. Besides being one of the central colors of Christmas, the color red is eye-catching and communicates excitement and passion. “On color, we have always utilized this ‘Starbucks red,'” explained Starbucks VP of Design to Cool Hunting. “We love being able to energize, so we try to target a specific red to be poppy and bright and happy.”

Secondly, Starbucks pushing the cups as an official symbol of the holiday season, said Ken Madden, SVP of shopping marketing agency Shoptology.

“It represents great times with friends and family. It also represents all your holiday shopping rituals as it has become a standard mall stroll accessory,” he told Digiday. “While the Pumpkin Spice Latte has become a big signal for the coming of fall, the red cup is extra special because the Starbucks brand is so consistent throughout the year.”

Images via Starbucks.


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