Chevy Links With Mizrahi for Malibu Push

Chevrolet might be synonymous with muscle cars like the Camaro and Corvette, but it also makes more sensible, family-friendly models like the Malibu. With that in mind, the carmaker has forged a pact with A-list fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi in the hopes of reaching women.

The campaign has Mizrahi creating a collection of clothing, due out in the fall, based on his interaction with Malibu owners. The digital campaign, which launched yesterday, goes behind the scenes to show Mizrahi’s design process, following him in 50 videos as he meets with various women who drive Malibus in New York, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles. Each woman will reveal the best of her closet, her city and her style in videos that fans can follow along with.

“Consumers are attracted to visuals and want to be engaged, not interrupted,” said Kaileen Connelly, a Chevy spokeswoman. “Content marketing is all about visual storytelling that engages people and brings them along on a journey.”

The effort is a sign how far brands are going to create content. In this case, the process of making the collection has become fodder for content. The first video follows Mizrahi to New York, where he meets two women and their closets. Viewers can see where some of the inspiration for the Malibu clothing collection came from.

Chevy is distributing the collection of videos on the Malibu’s website and via the brand’s Facebook page. Time Warner Global Media Group spearheaded the  collaboration between Mizrahi and Malibu. Time Warner created the campaign. Time Inc.’s People, People StyleWatch, InStyle and Real Simple will run ads in the September, October and November print issues as well as ads on their sites and promotions on their Twitter and Facebook outlets.

The Mizrahi collection of clothing will launch this fall through deals service Living Social, which will also run promotions based on the tastes of the women featured in the campaign.

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