Cannes Takeaways: Winston Binch

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This year’s Lions festival is now drawing to a close, and most attendees are looking forward to catching up on some much-needed sleep. Digiday asked agency execs what they’ll take away from their week on the Riviera, besides hangovers. Here’s the view from Winston Binch, chief digital officer at Deutsch LA.

This is my fifth time to Cannes. It is always an enlightening experience, and one I’m thankful to have the privilege of enjoying. There’s no shortage of creative inspiration here: the sights are mind-blowingly awesome, the conversations can be electrifying, and you can do some high-quality recruiting, but I’m ready to get back to work. With all the new emerging tech out there right now, it’s always better to be making than talking about making. Cannes is a brilliant time, and one more people should get to enjoy, but my recommendation is to keep it short and meaningful and to get inspired in quick doses. You’ll also avoid rose overload. The work is the real fun in this business.

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