10 Absurd Photos From Cannes

Our coverage of the Cannes International Festival of Creativity is brought to you by Centroa provider of media services and software that aims to improve campaign performance and digital media teams’ productivity.

Cannes is all about the creativity, but it’s also about the scene. Things can get pretty strange on the Riviera. Here are some of our favorite shots of the circus that surrounds the advertising and media world’s annual gathering.

1. For just $870, you can roll around town in a Lamborghini.

2. Even clowns need to take a break.

3. Sometimes creativity is tiring. (This is from last year, but it applies.)

4. Keeping dogs on your lap while eating is very popular here.

5. Magnums of rose are required — and very exciting.

6. Winning an award means carrying it around so people know.

7. Mimes are never that hard to find in France.

8. When journalists get tired, they often resort to massaging one another.

9. It remains unclear what men on small bikes have to do with mobile marketing.

10. Diddy makes his way through the Society of Digital Agencies’ party. (Thanks to Eric Franchi of Undertone for the shot.)

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