Periscoping, Snapchatting and a Gameshow: Digiday at Cannes


Digiday is decamping to the south of France next week, joining the annual pilgrimage of the advertising, media and technology worlds to the Cannes Lions.

We’re fortunate to have Integral Ad Science sponsor our coverage from there, and we hope to differentiate our approach from the many publications covering the event. For that reason, we won’t focus on the awards or the sessions. Plenty of people do that. Instead, we’re focusing on the personalities, the unique side of Cannes, and trying to use a variety of platforms to highlight them. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Periscope (user: Digiday), Instagram and Snapchat (user: Digiday). We’ll also post regularly to our site; the series page is here.

Here’s a taste of what we have planned during the week:

The Daily Periscope
Assuming our data packages hold up, we’re going to have a daily live video broadcast, using Twitter’s Periscope app. Don’t expect super-high quality. To kick things off, we’re visiting The Daily Mail yacht to be given a personal tour of the ship by Daily Mail North America CEO Jon Steinberg. Periscope broadcasts kick off each day at 6pm in Cannes, or noon ET.

The Cannes Minute
Each day we’ll catch up with a media, advertising or tech luminary in Cannes to have a rapid fire conversation — and capture their Cannes portrait.

Each day we’ll highlight a different aspect of Cannes, from the scene along the Croisette, the main boulevard of the town, to what it’s like late at night at the infamous Gutter Bar and fashions of Cannes. These will run on Instagram and on

The “Are You Calling Me a Liar?” gameshow
On Tuesday, we are hosting a party and gameshow in conjunction with studioD and Bounce Exchange. We have a gameshow lined up that will challenge participants to try to tell if each other are lying. RSVP here if you’ll be in Cannes.
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