Cannes Questionnaire: Edelman’s Glenn Engler


Each day we’ll buttonhole an advertising and media exec to find out their thoughts on Cannes and why everyone in these worlds congregate here in June. Our first participant: Edelman global chief strategy officer Glenn Engler.

How many Cannes have you been to?
This is the third.

How do you justify it to yourself and those back home?
You go where the clients and partners are.

What’s been your weirdest Cannes moment?
Watching the Gutter Bar from afar.

What’s your secret place in Cannes?
There’s a gelato place near the harbor. It’s away from the craziness.

How many meetings do you have planned this week?
12 so far.

What do you think of how prominent ad tech has become here?
Do I have to answer that one?

What’s one party or event you’re looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to the one I don’t know about yet. There’s always one that just pops up and you end up meeting great people.

What’s the worst part about Cannes?
The lines. You wonder when it jumps the proverbial shark like SXSW.

What’s your estimate on your rosé intake for the week?
Not a ton. I’d say one one-hundredth of the average. I’ll have Heineken, though. They’re a client.
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