Can Banks Be Funny?

Let’s face it: People are still pretty pissed at banks. It’s been four years since the entire sector melted down, and nobody’s really in the mood yet for getting all ha-ha with their bank. Mostly, we want them to stop screwing up and get back to, you know, keeping our money safe. Sovereign Bank didn’t get the memo. It has decided that it can carve out a role as the comedian among the gray ranks of consumer bank monoliths like Bank of America, Chase and Citibank. Sovereign released this very cute video of a baby grocery shopping with one of those mini kid grocery carts. It definitely has the cuteness factor for viral lift. I’m kind of confused about what this has to do with Sovereign Bank, other than maybe making people feel warm and fuzzy. If you take a look at its YouTube channel, it looks like the brand has recently added quite a few funny, viral-style videos (like this stop-motion money and this cat with gold coins) along with a few funny TV spots. Is America ready for a cute and funny bank?
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