Campbell’s Takes Aim at Millennials

Canned soup isn’t exactly the sexiest or coolest product in the world. So how do you get those young, hip, tech-savvy millennials excited about good old-fashioned soup?

Ditch the cans, create new packaging with faces of people who represent stereotypical millennials (like a girl with thick glasses) and launch a site for the new line of soups that is powered by Tumblr and is full of attempts at millennial humor that involve cheesy jokes about how to save money or get over an ex and phrases that young people use, like “What’s crackin’?”

That’s exactly what Campbell’s has done to promote its new line of soup, Campbell’s Go, which comes in pouches rather than cans and is aimed at the much sought-after millennial demographic. Along with trying to use “millennial speak” and the blogging platform of choice for millennials, Campbell’s also pulled out the big guns to attract their target audience: cats. The Campbell’s Go site has a section for nutritional information that is presented by cat GIFs, because, of course, you cannot attract millennials to a website without using the Web’s favorite animal.
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