Brands that are Getting the Most Social Buzz

Engagement is important to brands on social media, but so are the conversations that consumers initiate on their own regarding the brands they love and hate.

Social analytics platform Track Social has tracked the conversations going on in social media and narrowed it down to the top 10. This list incorporates conversations with a brand as well as consumer discussions directed at or about a brand on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Google Plus.

Here are the top 10 brands for January through the present:

1. Pepsi – 263 million conversations

Facebook: 17 million likes, 164,000 talking about this
Twitter: 1.4 million followers
Youtube: 614,000 subscribers, 117 million video views
Instagram: 671,000 photos tagged with #Pepsi
Google Plus: 712,000 followers

2. Disney – 217 million conversations

Facebook: 45 million likes, 1 million talking about this
Twitter: 1.9 million followers
Youtube: 2 million subscribers, 1.3 billion video views
Instagram: 7 million photos tagged with #Disney
Google Plus: 327,000 followers

3. ESPN – 202 million conversations

Facebook: 8.8 million likes, 537,000 talking about this
Twitter: 6.7 million followers
Youtube: 1 million subscribers, 278 million views
Instagram: 271,000 photos tagged with #ESPN
Google Plus: 3.7 million followers

4. Walmart – 165 million conversations

Facebook: 30 million likes, 59,000 talking about this
Twitter: 339,000 followers
Youtube: 6,700 subscribers, 5.6 million views
Instagram: 934,000 photos tagged with #Walmart
Google Plus: 19,000 followers

5. Dunkin’ Donuts – 160 million conversations

Facebook: 9.9 million likes, 191,000 talking about this
Twitter: 270,000 followers
Youtube: 2,800 subscribers, 1.2 million views
Instagram: 416,000 photos tagged with #DunkinDonuts
Google Plus: 33,000 followers

6. Fox News – 146 million conversations

Facebook: 3 million likes, 249,000 talking about this
Twitter: 2.8 million followers
Youtube: 71,000 subscribers, 310,000 views
Instagram: 19,000 photos tagged with #FoxNews
Google Plus: 714,000 followers

7. Coca-Cola – 142 million conversations

Facebook: 68 million likes, 1 million talking about this
Twitter: 855,000 followers
Youtube: 139,000 subscribers, 141 million views
Instagram: 1.3 million photos tagged with #CocaCola
Google Plus: 1 million followers

8. WWE – 142 million conversations

Facebook: 12 million likes, 249,000 talking about this
Twitter: 2.9 million followers
Youtube: 1.6 million subscribers, 566 million views
Instagram: 569,000 photos tagged with #WWE
Google Plus: 1.8 million followers

9. MTV – 136 million conversations

Facebook: 45.8 million likes · 281,000 talking about this
Twitter: 8.6 million followers
Youtube: 55,800 subscribers, 7.1 million views
Instagram: 568,000 photos tagged with #MTV
Google Plus: 3 million followers

10. Youtube – 136 million conversations

Facebook: 75.4 million likes, 345,000 talking about this
Twitter: 29.5 million followers
Youtube: 7.2 million subscribers, 235.5 million views
Instagram: 2 million photos tagged with #YouTube
Google Plus: 6 million followers

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