To drive innovation, brands rethink their office space

Both CarMax and believe that the key to innovation is collaboration. But how does a company begin to collaborate when employees are shuttered in their own offices and departments are siloed? Enter the collaboration conundrum.

“That means you physically pick up your desk and you move it and you sit next to the people you will be innovating with. This means you move chairs a lot,” said Scott Lake, director of product planning and strategy at Priceline, at the Digiday Brand Summit in Deer Valley, Utah. Lake said he’s co-located at least 20 times during his six years at the company.

Ann Yauger, AVP of web and interactive from CarMax, said workplaces should knock down physical walls to force collaboration. “You cannot truly do collaboration if you’re working in cubicles or individual offices, that’s about individual productivity,” she said.

Watch what else CarMax and had to say about how to build a collaborative culture.
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