Brands come out to play the Twitter hashtag game #NewMeaningsForEmojis

If a brand doesn’t participate in an emoji-themed hashtag game, what’s the point of being on Twitter?

During the midst of the New York Stock Exchange meltdown, a hashtag took over Twitter called #NewMeaningsForEmojis, where people (and brands) jokingly redefined what the little picture symbols actually meant.

Topsy, a social media analytics firm, measured 3,500 tweets affixed with the hashtag, with seemingly most of them coming from brands. The likely reason being that it’s easy for the social media manager to tweet something witty and non-controversial from their phone without the needs of including elaborate art (see: #LoveWins).

Victoria’s Secret, a clothing company that never misses an opportunity to add an emoji to its tweets, had the most popular tweet with 1,000 favorites.

It was all downhill from there. From Charmin to Domino’s, brands tried to relate emoji to their own brand. Let’s take a look:
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