Should You Tweet This? 5 Handy Flow Charts

Left to their own devices on Twitter, brands have shown time and time again that they could use a little guidance. That’s why we have put together a few handy-dandy flow charts to get them back on track!

The following five scenarios will guide any brand through some of Twitter’s most treacherous territory, starting with:

Real-time marketing, which is all everyone is talking about these days. Do it wrong, and your tweet will crumble like last year’s Super Bowl cookie.

Trending hashtags certainly are tempting, aren’t they? All you have to do is stick a little copy in and – bam! – you’ve got a real-time tweet. Right? Wrong.

Poop tweets. There are only a few brands that can reasonably post them, and even then, they must proceed with extreme caution.

Begging for it. If you have to ask, you’re doing something wrong.

Making basic sense shouldn’t be so hard, but for some brands, it is.


Image via Shutterstock

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