Billy Eichner blasts Capital One ad for ripping off his show

Comedian Billy Eichner is acting more irritated than normal. At issue is a new Capital One ad that has the comedian claiming the bank has “ripped off” his show, “Billy on the Street.”

The ad in question, seen below, imitates his style of accosting strangers in the street with pop culture questions and quizzing them. In this case, however, it’s hosted by comedian Ross Matthews who asks people about the benefits of Capital One credit cards and closely mimics Eichner’s frantic mannerisms.

Eichner took notice, accusing the brand for stealing his format that he’s turned into a popular cable show on truTV, pointing people to a typical segment of his. “Yet another Billy on the Street ripoff. I usually ignore but this one is SHAMELESS and PATHETIC. (And not funny),” he tweeted.

He later took a shot at Matthews and Capital One, using more pointed words:

Matthews responded, noting that man-on-the-street style interviews aren’t exclusively under Eichner’s jurisdiction:

Eichner’s fans took notice too, slinging similar comments towards the brand and Matthews. “Do you love Billy on the Street? Do you wish it was turned into a shitty commercial? Have we got news for you!,” a fan tweeted at Capital One. Another mused: “Hacky ripoff.”

Capital One didn’t respond for comment about Eichner’s accusations.
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