The 5 best brand reactions to Luis Suarez’s bite felt around the world

Uruguay’s beloved/villainous forward Luis Suarez is no stranger to biting controversies on the soccer field. Today’s Italy vs. Uruguay game was no exception. The Uruguay star landed himself in yet another hot mess by apparently biting an Italian defender in the second half of the game. Naturally, brands were quick to join the feast, using this as an unmissable real-time advertising opportunity. Here are five that stood out.

McDonald’s Uruguay was the first in line, playing it safe by urging him to take a bite of a Big Mac.

Trident was next, keeping the message short and sweet.

TGI Friday’s then stated the obvious.

Snickers jumped on the bandwagon too.

And, since social media is still about ROI, Domino’s U.K. promoted today’s special.
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