Aussie bank debuts ‘gay’ ATMs

Banks know more than anyone else that money is money. Australian bank ANZ is showing off its sponsorship of Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival with a campaign that makes its ATMs “gay” by decorating them fabulously.

ANZ has scattered 10 different “GAYTMs” around Sydney, including the bejeweled “Hello Sailor,” the mustachioed “Mo’Town,” and the tatted-up “Pink Ink.” The ATMs spit out inspirational messages on rainbow-colored paper.

The  campaign will donate all fees from non-ANZ cardholders to Twenty10, an Australian non-profit group that supports LGBT youth. It is the eighth year ANZ has sponsored the Sydney LGBT event, which runs through March 2.

The effort is a clear sign of the mainstreaming of marketing to LGBT audiences. According to an analysis by Witek Communications, LGBT spending power in the U.S. alone was $830 million. Considering the bill under consideration in Arizona that allows businesses to discriminate against gay consumers, there’s a great opportunity for a U.S. bank to step up to the plate, as noted by one Digiday reader.
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