Apple is nagging people with pop-ups to upgrade to new iPhones

If Apple can’t force people to upgrade their old iPhones, then it’s just going to keep nagging them.

Some users with old iPhones models have spotted an unavoidable pop-up in the App Store with an ad for the new iPhone 6S, exclaiming how “ridiculously powerful” it is with an upgrade link. The “skip” option, to bypass this intrusive ad, sits in the top right of the ad.

People who’ve experienced the not-so-subtle nudge are complaining about it on Twitter, calling it “ridiculously distasteful” and “revolting.” Reddit users speculated that the timing of this after iOS 9 rolled out, the first operating system from Apple that allows ad-blockers, is suspicious.

“You didn’t really think Apple implemented adblocking for the benefit of its customers? It was just to push Google et. al. out of their territory to claim all that ad revenue themselves,” a redditor speculated.

While the tactic is aggressive, Apple has a lot to lose if people don’t upgrade.

Apple has an “overwhelming dependence” on iPhone sales, with growth slowing each quarter worrying investors and its stock. And, having people keep using older iPhones and operating systems slows technological advancement. That’s why carriers are moving toward an upgrade model, encouraging people to cheaply upgrade more frequently.

Apple didn’t immediately respond for comment.
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