15 Surprising Stats About Online and Mobile Retail

As retailers well know, purchases  don’t begin and end with a customer’s single click. The buyer’s path to purchase often involves several online – and, increasingly, mobile – steps. Shoppers are visiting retailers’ web sites, sure, but they’re also researching products through search, opting into promotional emails and getting tips friends and promoted content through social media.

Shopping’s gotten complicated.

That’s why we’ve collected some interesting stats about consumer shopping behavior to shed some light on how people are really using their mobile devices. Judging from these stats, coupons aren’t so unsexy after all, and there’s never a time when you can’t shop. Check it out:

Ninety-five percent of tablet shoppers and 72 percent of smartphone shoppers who make a purchase with their device do it at home.  (Nielsen)

Shoppers make less than 3 percent of their annual purchases on mobile devices. (RIS/Cognizant)

Four percent of Americans have made a mobile purchase while at a social gathering. (Google)

En route to the store, 70 percent of smartphone shoppers use a store locator to plan their shopping trip. (Nielsen)

Forty-two percent of consumers chose finding a better price online as their reason for purchasing online after shopping in a store. (RIS/Cognizant)

Forty-six percent of shoppers say they are less likely to comparison shop when using a mobile app. (comScore)

Half of shoppers say tracking services for online purchases are essential.  (comScore)

Nineteen percent of consumers leave a store and look for lower prices online. (RIS/Cognizant)

Coupon apps are used by about 25 million Americans each month. (NPD)

Two out of five women have searched for a product because of an online coupon. (NRF)

Twenty percent of mobile shoppers use their tablets to comment on social media sites about their purchase. (Nielsen)

It is predicted that the number of U.S. adult smartphone users who also use mobile coupons will jump from 31 million at the end of 2012 to 40.8 million at the end of 2013. (eMarketer)

Fifty-nine percent of tablet owners use their tablets for product research and are more likely to purchase physical items (38 percent) than smartphone shoppers (24 percent). (Nielsen)

Fifteen percent of online retail sales will be made on a mobile device this year. (eMarketer)

Mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times as often as traditional coupons. (eMarketer)


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